How to Avoid Fraud in Moving

With the expansion of business as the opportunities are increasing, unfortunately scams are on the rise too. We did a study on numerous scams and frauds which people have experiences while moving. Moving is an already stressful task without the worry that you are being scammed. Today we have compiled some steps you can take to avoid becoming a trap of such frauds.

Take Multiple Estimates

It is a common practice that moving companies provide a quote before the move. It will be prudent if you take at least 3 estimates from different companies. If you are planning a relocation or shifting your house, you should contact different companies and ask them to provide with an estimate. In this way you can save yourself from being overcharged. You will find that PacknDash is among the best cheap yet reliable moving service in Dubai.

Use correct scales for estimates

Scammers stress to give estimates based on volume in cubic feet. While the fair practice is to give estimates on the weight of your goods. Volume based estimates are less precise and are easy to manipulate for later overcharging. When you hire among the best movers in Dubai, it is highly unlikely that you will be scammed in this way. PacknDash is one such reliable company.

Do thorough research

Before finalizing a company hiring, you should do as much research as you can on it. Learn about its practices, read online reviews and customer services. It is always beneficial to do beforehand research to avoid any kind of mishap once you are deep into the deal. If you are planning a domestic move, you should research about movers who specialize in this particular category. Same goes for all other kinds like if you are planning to move your office you should opt for best office movers in Dubai.

Documenting is always beneficial

It is prudent if you would keep all the documents like receipts, slips. These documents will help you in case you have to file a written claim against the moving company. A copy of inventory is also advised to keep track of your belongings. In case of any mishap, your claim will be entertained only if you provide sufficient proof along it. For international movers, the importance of documents multiplies. It is also advised to hire the top international movers in Dubai for best experience.

You have to know your Rights

Each country has its own set of rights for customers. Some countries require moving companies to provide an informational packet which contains rights and responsibilities of customers during a move. Nowadays many legitimate moving companies like Pack and Dash movers in Dubai provide online information about rights of customers.

Get References

It is wise to just selecting someone randomly. You can always find people around you who have made moves recently and can refer someone verified to you. Relatives, friends, neighbors can be trusted before relocation for providing best movers in Dubai. Pack and Dash movers in Dubai is among the most recommended ones.