Moving to Dubai with Pets: The Essential Tips

So, you’re thinking of moving to Dubai with your furry friends? Well, let me tell you—Dubai might not be on many people’s minds when thinking of places to relocate with pets, but it is cool for both you and your pets. With stunning skyscrapers, sizzling sand, luxurious facilities, and beautiful beaches, Dubai can turn out to be a fantastic residence for you and your furry pals.

However, before rushing to pack up your bags and book your tickets, here are some things you should know about the legal formalities and logistics of bringing your pet to Dubai. That’s where PacknDash comes in: Your trusted relocation partner in Dubai to help iron out some of the essential tips toward as hassle-free a move with your beloved pet as possible.

First of all, let’s get to the regulations you should be aware of. Dubai has some very strict rules and regulations regarding the transport of pets into the city. Here’s the lowdown:

Import Permit:

Before you even think of making the move, you will need a valid import permit from the MOCCAE. That means you must provide a health certificate, vaccination records, and microchip details of your pet.

  • Microchip: The pet should have an ISO-compliant microchip with readable information.
  • Vaccinations: All vaccinations, especially against rabies and distemper and other core vaccinations for that species, must have been administered to your pet.
  • Health Certificate: This is provided by a certified government-approved veterinarian within 30 days before you arrive in Dubai.
  • Restricted Breeds: While most breeds are allowed, some permits are rejected for brachycephalic (flattened by nature) breeds of dogs, simply because of Dubai’s hot climate. It is always best to check with MOCCAE for the latest list.

Pet Travel: Plan for a Stress-Free Flight:

Now, let us talk about transportation. Moving with pets, especially flying, just needs a bit more planning time. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Airline That Is Pet-Friendly: Not all airlines accept pets, so research those with very helpful, well-established pet-travel programs to address your specific needs.
  • Containing Pet: Get a good, high-quality, airline-approved, comfortable pet container that is spacious, has good ventilation for your furry friend while in the air, etc.
  • Documentation: Your import permit, health certificate, and vaccination record related to your travel pet; make sure that all these documents are with you and readily available at check-in.
  • Comfort measures: Place familiar things like bedding and toys in the carrier to help reduce stress. Your vet should provide calming aids in case of anxiety with your traveling companion.

Now, find the perfect pet-friendly residence in Dubai. Luckily, Dubai has a wide array of housing options that allow pets. Be it a luxurious apartment with pet areas or spacious villas with private gardens, the choices would be many. Here’s how to find an ideal home for you and your pet.

Finding Your Pet-Friendly Residence in Dubai:

  • Do Your Research: Make use of online platforms and property listing websites that let one filter options down to being ‘pet-friendly.’ There are also places, such as Jumeirah Islands and Dubai Marina, that have excellent reputations for their pet-friendly atmosphere.
  • Contact the Landlord: Contact the landlord. Inquire about any restrictions on pets or any additional fees he will charge for keeping them on his premises.
  • Services: Some pet-friendly services in housing to look for would be on-site pet grooming, walking areas, and even pet pools!

The Basics of Making Dubai Your Pet’s Home:

  • Veterinary Care: Find reliable veterinary clinics near you that give full care to your pet.
  • Pet Insurance: Have your pet insured against any unexpected medical emergencies or illness.
  • Pet Socialization: There are many parks, cafes, and various other events in Dubai that are pet-friendly so your furry friend gets to socialize with fellow pets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some FAQs:

Moving to Dubai with Pets:

Q: Can I bring multiple pets?

A: You are normally permitted to bring two pets per person into Dubai.

Q: My pet does not satisfy all the requirements. What should I do?

A: You must immediately contact MOCCAE for advice. They may require supplemental tests of your pet or further documentation, depending on the nature of the deficiency.

Q: Is there quarantine for a pet entering Dubai?

A: Provided you fulfill with all the requirements for entering Dubai and have the appropriate certificates, there is no required quarantine for a pet upon entering Dubai.

Moving to Dubai with a pet can be quite an exciting experience. By planning, understanding the regulations, and creating a comfortable environment, you can just ensure a hassle-free move for both you and your furry mate. PacknDash is here to help you with all your relocation needs so that you can enjoy moving to Dubai with your pets.

As they say—a happy pet makes a happy home!