Common Challenges Faced During Long Distance Moves From Business Bay Dubai

Relocating issues from one to another which are far away during business days while in Dubai abounds, although Dubai makes residents’ lives easy. As a relocation company with over 20 years of experience, we will try hard to make your move simpler and exciting, even if it’s an emergency move. Just consider that there are many things to consider when it is a long-distance move. 

We will talk about the challenge you might face when trying to find a good relocation company for a long-distance move in Dubai. There are plenty of businesses and options to choose from. Do your research and take your time. Follow these instructions: 




Start planning early

Plan regardless of where you live, as relocation processes are time-consuming and expensive. First, decide on your new home and get rid of the items that are unnecessary to reduce transportation costs. Make sure the company serves your new location. We operate nationwide, anyway. 



Being organized will help a lot. Have all your ducks in a row and start packing up and getting rid of everything you do not need. Moving requires planning and a lot of organization. Create a list of your items and household appliances, so we know which one of our transportation services best fits you. This makes the process more manageable and hassle-free for us. Notify our team of the items to be packed and we will calculate the weight and space needed to pick the most trucks or mode of transport. 


Choose a reputable business

Although many moving companies operate in Dubai, not all offer top-quality service. We are movers and packers with credentials and over 20 years in the relocation field in Dubai. We pack, unpack, and transport breakables safely by air, road, or sea. We take charge of the most important aspects involved in a long-distance move. 


Set aside extra money

A long-distance move is costly in Dubai. You will not only need to hire professional help, but you will also need to think of other factors like lodging, food, and gas. Saving up for the move solely does not guarantee you will not spend more money while en route to your new home. Your moving budget can help you define how much you require for the trip. 

We never charge extra fees. You will only pay for the long-distance move and what is included, plus your travel allowance. 


The challenge of hiring reliable packers and movers

Choosing a reputable domestic relocation service in Dubai is vital, especially if you are embarking on a long-distance move to Dubai. You will need a company with years of experience and a team of responsible packers and movers that take your belongings to the new destination in the safest way. Follow these tips to manage your relocation process much better: 


  • Listen to your friends’ recommendations

You will need to do so in Dubai, where many moving companies tend to overcharge. To prevent this, consult with your friends about the possibly best options and make a list of the businesses that offer the service you are looking for. Ask them about the price, extra fees, and delivery time, which is relevant in this type of project.


– Failing that, research companies prioritize those that are reputable and highly rated online. Start your research with the options your friends provided. Remember that each case is different and reviews are subjective. Read through customer reviews and compare comments with your friends’ input. Also, search other local companies suggested by Google. 

Relocation Challanges in business bay dubai

Take a look at the companies’ social networks. Reputable companies have social networks on platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, and some even have Telegram. Check out their pictures, comments on pictures, and latest updates. This may clarify to you the methods they use. 

– Do not hire companies that are not licensed and insured. Long-distance relocation comes with challenges that require experience, expertise, and professionalism. Fortunately, most movers and packers in Dubai are accredited. 


– Budget: get an estimate from the company you are planning to hire or compare it with other company’s rates. Finding a budget-friendly long-distance service can be challenging in Dubai. We have cheap packs of services to meet all our customers’ needs. Pick an affordable service that ticks all the boxes. Do your research calmly. 


  • Besides the overall costs, ask the company about their methodology. Ensure they have experience with moves like yours and evaluate their answers. Also, let them know the relocation details. 


  • Get connected. Since you are going to live in another community far from your current location, get insights into it by joining WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook groups. Joining selling or moving groups on Facebook that serve your new community helps familiarize you with the new rules, companies, and lifestyle. 


We can give you information on any region you are planning to inhabit if you want. We have served all the communities in Dubai.