Difference between express and regular movers

Regular and express moving in today’s industry has gained importance because of current people’s needs and wants. Whether you are planning to move in a month or immediately, our regular and express movers ensure your goods reach the destination properly. We offer different delivery and unpacking choices. We understand that some need to move urgently while others take their time to make a decision. 

Our express movers and regular movers operate according to the customer’s needs and in a way that their stuff arrives at the place on time. Express and regular moving follows the same principles as express and regular shipping, albeit with some differences. Both offer packing, unpacking, and transportation, so, what’s the difference between the two? 

Basically, it all depends on the type of moving, shipment of items and delivery time. The cost varies, as we’ll see. 



Express moving is more suitable for people looking to get their stuff to the new destination quickly. This moving involves a faster freight and moving process to ensure the customer’s goods and items arrive on time. Depending on the type of shipping and weight, we can utilize big trucks or do the transportation by air. The whole process is accomplished in 20 hours. 

Our express movers work overnight and with special provisions. They are faster and all the mechanisms they use are swifter. They avoid doing the transportation by sea and through other methods that are slower. If you are looking to move and get things done fast, be prepared to pay more for this service. Express movers stand out for their outstandingly fast delivery time. 

Packndash is a perfect example of express movers, providing the best moving and packing services in Dubai.



Regular movers, on their side, use traditional methods for packing, transportation, loading, and unpacking. They can take longer to complete the task. They use trucks and do not include shipping overnight as these services are not intended for emergencies. As a result, costs are lower, which makes this service the best option for almost everybody. This is the most popular option.

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Next, we are going to study in detail the differences between express and regular movers.



Delivery time is a distinctive feature in express and regular relocation. Express movers generally work at night and can utilize modes of transport that are swifter and more efficient. They work against the clock, therefore, they address emergencies. 

Our delivery time can be as fast as a day in express moves, as we do the undertaking by air or dedicated trucks. The moving process can, however, take us 48 hours in some cases. Distance and destination are problems we address differently in express and regular services.  

Regarding delivery time in regular moving, our movers take more time to complete a job. We pick the trucks depending on the items and the materials they are made of. 



Costs are contingent upon the transportation method and items to shift. Our rates are higher for express moving, while they are much lower for regular shifting and shipment services. Sea and road freight transportation are slower but more budget-friendly and should not be used for emergencies. Depending on the case and value of products, our specialists will decide on the type of means of transportation to meet the requirements. 


Shipping methods

We use multiple means of transportation for shipping products and shifting items from one home to another in the safest way. We may use standard shipping, which includes air, road and freight options, yet road is the favorite of many because it is inexpensive. Our solution is adapted to the dimensions and weight of the shipment. Not fret. 


Tracking apps and other methods

We offer a cutting-edge app that allows our users to keep track of the transportation process. For us, it is important that the customer be clear of the whereabouts and real-time placement of the items. Whenever you hire our services for express, you will always be aware of the location through our app, which delivers decrypted data. 

Prior to entrusting your household appliance and belonging to us, take a look at our app and other tracking methods managed by our customer support. We have a customer support team of specialists (not bots) who field calls and replies to messages through the app and via phone 24/7 for your peace of mind. We are available 365 days 24/7. We are open on holidays. . 



Choose our express moving or regular services considering the following:

  • Timeline: do you need the move urgently or you can wait? If it’s the second option, the service will cost less.
  • Your budget: due to timeline and resources, movers will charge more for express shifting. 
  • Distance: we cover Dubai. The distance will be covered by air, road, or sea. Track the process through the app. 
  • Customer service: our agents are friendly and always willing to help.